Customer Satisfaction: Survey on Roti Kembung's Customer

  • anita komalawati Fakultas kewirausahaan
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Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality


More and more food businesses make competition tighter, so one of the strategies of entrepreneurs to maintain or develop their business is by paying attention to several factors that make their customers have a good loyalty towards the business, one of which is to have a good quality of service. This study aims to determine the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction in the Garut Bread Shop. In this study sample used 30 respondents consumer of Garut Bread Bloated and data collection was obtained through the distribution of online questionnaires via (Google Form) on consumers of Garut Bread Bloated. The data processing obtained is processed using a simple linear regression method with a causal quantitative approach. Statistical analysis was measured using the SPSS computer program version 20 of Windows. Based on the results of this study indicate that there is a positive and significant effect that service quality has an effect on customer satisfaction. Although the level of customer satisfaction is contained in several factors that are not analyzed in this study, but one of the indications that is influential in achieving customer satisfaction is a good level of service. So Roti Kembung Garut employees must be responsive in dealing with complaints from consumers so they do not feel disappointed and the loss of satisfaction with customers. Garut Bloated Bread is also expected to be able to maintain other facilities so that consumers feel satisfied and happy so that it will increase customer loyalty.

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