The Effect of Product Trend on Purchase Intention

(Survey on Food and Baverages Customers in Garut Regency)

  • Risma Agustiani Fakultas kewirausahaan
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Keywords: Product Trend, Purchase Intention


This study discusses the influence of product trends on buying interest (Survey on Current Food and
Beverage consumers in Garut Regency). This study aims: (1) to determine the effect of Product Trend on
Garut people's Interest in Buy (2) to find out Garut people's buying interest which is influenced by product
trends (3) to find out how much influence the Product Trend has on Garut people's buying interest.
Researchers used quantitative research by using a descriptive approach to 58 respondents. The data
analysis technique used is simple regression with the IBM SPPS application 2. The measurement scale
used by researchers is the interval scale. This study uses primary data and secondary data obtained from
journals, books, literature, scientific works, or previous research from the internet with relevant sources.
The primary data collection technique in this study was a questionnaire containing a number of structured
questions given to respondents through Google forms and respondents gave answers based on a Likert
scale of 1-5, starting from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree). The conclusion of this research is the
Production Trend influences the buying interest of the Garut community with a influence of 30.5%. This
influence the higher product trends, it will affect the increase in buying interest. Keywords: Production
Trend, Buying Interest
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