The Influence of Brand Image to Purchase Decisions: Survey on Z Generation as Kopilogi's Consumer

  • Rahmawati KS Garut University
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Keywords: Brand Image, Purchasing Decision, Z Generation


When a consumer decides to buy a product there are a number of factors that influence the consumer in deciding whether the purchase decision will be their image. The purpose of this research is to measure the degree of purchase decision affected by their image. The study has 58 Kopilogi consumer respondents based on data collection through questionnaire distributed online through Google form to the Kopilogi of z-generation data calculations in the study using statistical product and service solutions (SPSS) version 20. Data processing obtained using simple linear regression methods with a causal quantitative approach. Based on the results of this study, brand image has a significant impact on the decision of the purchase of Kopilogi. Brand uniqueness is one of the factors affecting consumers toward the decision to purchase Kopilogi that reflect the consumer's perception of the unique of the coffee. that makes the copical brand popular. The unique concept of the coffee, makes it a unique attraction for the consumer.
Keywords : Brand image, Purchasing decision, Z generation

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KS, R. (2021). The Influence of Brand Image to Purchase Decisions: Survey on Z Generation as Kopilogi’s Consumer. Management and Entrepreneurship Research Review, 1(4), 141-146.