The Influence of Islamic Social Reporting on Company Value

(Case Studies on Islamic Banks in Indonesia)

  • Rahmawati Khoiriyah IAIN Surakarta
Keywords: Company Value, Enviroment, Islamic Social Reporting, Labor, Service and product, Social


This study aims to determine the effect of islamic social reporting against company value. The development of ISR includes five themes, they are social, labor, enviroment, corporate governance and service/ product. This study identified 43 disclosure index items of ISR main theme. Data analysis using multiple linier regression. The data used is secondary data obtained form annual reports of islamic banks registered on Bank Umum Syariah by taking a sample of 12 islamis banks. The result indicate that islamic social reporting simultaneously influences company value. Partially only 3 indicators that have effect on company value, they are social influence of 0,07977; labor influence of 0,11304; and environment influence of 0,15579.

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Khoiriyah, R. (2020). The Influence of Islamic Social Reporting on Company Value. Management and Entrepreneurship Research Review, 1(3), 116-124.