Peer Review Process

Some of the policies of the Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Journal are:

1. Every incoming text will be checked using anti-plagiarism website, turnitin.
2. Every incoming text will go through a review process
3. The review process uses blind review.
4. In the review process the burden partner provides considerations regarding the novelty, scientific considerations, conclusions and references used.

The reviewer's decision will be the editor's consideration to:

1. Receive Submissions (receive manuscripts)
2. Revision Required (manuscript needs to be revised)
3. Resubmit for review (resend text)
4. Resend elsewhere (send the manuscript to another journal)
5. Reject Submission (reject script)

Manuscripts made for publication for several reasons, namely:

1. Article does not fit the scope of the journal.
2. Articles are not taken from scientific agreement or publication.
3. Fatal error in trial.
4. Acceptable advice is given by reviewers without acceptable reasons.
5. The script indicated plagiarism with a similarity of more than 20%.